4 Simple Hacks To Successfully Plan Your Legacy

What Are You Playing For?


Legacy Planning – we all have our reasons. Because we “have to” does not suffice. We have all heard the saying you need to pay to play. So, what are you playing for? Because it’s the “right thing to do”? You grew up “poor” and want a better life for your family than you had growing up?

Perhaps you got picked on growing up, or had an abusive childhood, and want to prove to everyone you can be someone. Take that FU money and show the world you’re going straight to the top.

It’s a 0-Sum Game

That’s right. I’ll be one of the first to admit it. Finances, or investing to be specific is a 0-sum game. Ebbs and flows, there will always be another bull or bear market. We can’t win them all. If you’re sitting down with an adviser who’s trying to tell you there’s only 1 way to win, they’re full of shit. Save yourself the time and headache and walk out of the meeting.

There are a plethora of products and services out there. There’s no right or wrong way to get what you want out of life. RRSP, TFSA, doesn’t matter the vehicle or the underlying portfolio of investments, they all have their uses, strengths, and weaknesses.

Life Experience

It’s not that certain people or advisers are privy to “insider secrets,” have advantages over the rest, or hold privileged secrets. We have simply learned to understand the ways of the world.

This weekend I was sitting for a coffee with a potential client. He is scared, wondering what he can do to avoid losing too much in the looming market crash/correction. Yeah, you know it’s tough, a lot of the “experts” are saying the markets look strong with no signs of slowing or crashing. However, the markets are cyclical and tend to have trends of 7-8 years. When they crash, they come back stronger.

The only thing you’re guaranteed with a GIC is to lose money. Your 1.5% ROI doesn’t even keep up with inflation, causing you to lose your purchasing power. All things considered though, you’re losing less than exiting all your positions and sitting in cash while holding your breath.

Private Capital Markets

The private capital markets (or exempt markets) are about the only place to earn a CONSISTENT ROI and preserve your capital. Not being tied to an exchange, they have little to no correlation to the public markets.

Sure, you could be pulling double-digit returns right now with the strength of the markets. How much will you lose if you don’t pull out on time? The private markets can take the guess-work out of timing “buy low sell high.”

At The Days End, It Boils Down To Understanding.

Comprehension is key. Those of us who understand comprehension is key, are the ones who come out ahead. You can’t win a 0-sum game. You can come out ahead, however, nobody gets out alive in the game of life. All we take with us are memories when we leave.

What we don’t take are the spoils of our efforts. We leave behind our legacies. What are you playing for? What kind of a legacy are you planning to leave behind for those who come after you?

I urge you, rather, I challenge you, to build something worth leaving behind. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Build yourself up to leave a legacy behind that you can be proud of. Don’t leave your family out in the cold because you don’t “believe in insurance” or “real estate” or “RRSP’s” or any of it for that matter.

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