Breaking: Protecting Your Family is a Luxury Not Many Can Afford

Managing risk is a task inherent across all of life. Whether it’s managing your portfolio, playing sports, or driving down the road.

Death and Disability or Sickness

That’s right! I just dropped dirty words. Nobody wants to hear about it or talk about it. However, it’s my job to bring it to your attention. Insurance isn’t something you can just go to the store and purchase. You need to apply for it, and it’s a luxury not many can afford.

Why do I say that you ask? Life, Disability, or Illness Insurance is only given to those who take care of themselves. The system is plagued by people who do not want to take care of themselves as it is – just look at our welfare and homelessness rates.

Insurance is only afforded to people who take care of their health, have a powerful desire to protect their family. Mitigating the risks of old age, disability, sickness, and other health-related issues. If you’re taking risks in life, and not managing your health, these luxuries are not for you.

Look at the first weekend in February 2018. There was well over 300 car crashes that weekend alone in Calgary. Do you know how many fatalities and injuries there were? Imagine being without life insurance or disability insurance. Think of your family. What would happen? Where would the bill money come from?

You owe it to yourself and your family to mitigate these risks.


Saving is a short-term game, investing is a long-term game. Do you enjoy the volatility of the public markets? Are you happy with less than 5% returns on your money? Investing is a 0-sum game.

If at least 30% of your assets are not beating inflation, you’re behind the 8-ball. You’re losing your purchasing power every second of every day. It’s not hard to grow your nest egg, preserve your wealth, and keep ahead of inflation.

There is a plethora of ways to reduce market volatility and gain extra stability or income while beating out inflation. Sure, with the stock market you can consistently generate double-digit returns, but you will also consistently lose it.

Most people consider options such as real estate to be unobtainable due to debt, personal financial constrictions. However, there are many ways to get involved in real estate or other private offerings with as little as $10,000. Surely you have $10,000 somewhere underperforming that you would love to transfer to something offering stability and consistently, don’t you?

You need to pay to play

We’ve all heard the saying time and time again. You need to pay to play. Risks will always be a factor of our lives. However, the only way to truly get ahead in life, and succeed, is to mitigate and prepare for the unexpected. If you have a choice, it’s in your power. It’s up to you to make the decision and make the right choice at the end of the day.

After all, nobody gets out alive. When we leave this place, all we take is our memories. What gets left behind is for our families to move on as best they can. Don’t leave them out in the cold.

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